Did monotony invade your life?

Do you want to discover the essence of civilizations and change your life?

Journeys are the best way to discover this beautiful planet.

Let me show you the real life of the countries through an unforgettable experience that I’m sure will make the difference in your life.

Visualize being able to do all of this in a special adventure

Leaving the monotony of life
Lowering your stress level
Knowing new cultures
Learning new things from other civilizations
Learning and experience a new language

Welcome on board!

My name is Jefree

I have worked in tourism for nine years, seven of them as a tour guide. During that time, I have been a guide in cities, natural parks and archeological remains on the coast, the mountains and the jungle.

I’ve also worked as an interpreter and as a spanish teacher.

After some years of hard work and conventional holidays, I started feeling tired of my life.

Having all I needed I felt into monotony knowing that I wanted somenthing different and new in my life.

The idea to explore other countries with different languages and cultures had been in my mind for a long time.

I wanted to create alternative trips to explore the country, mingling with locals who live in cities, towns or communities, learning new ideas, languages and other ways of seeing life, and enjoying unforgettable landscapes. 

Leaving monotony and stress behind has been my best medicine until now.

Since then, my lifestyle has changed. I became more minimalist , more eager for knowledge and more sensitive. 

Now, I am helping people who fall in the monotony of everyday life with high levels of stress to improve their state of mind and health.

My trips are cultural immersions.

These experiences are unique, we will visit touristic and non touristical places to know more about the country that we will visit it deeply.

What I offer is a profound inmersion experience that will help you to allow you to learn new ideas, new lifestlyles and new knowledge to feel the country as yours.

You will feel like a local!

Together, we will explore different locations such as cities, villages and small communities to know all the perspectives and cultural differences of the country and make your experience unforgerttable!

Based on my traveling experience

I have developed an alternative and interesting way of traveling to get to know the different cultures in depth


A different proposal that explores the country we are going to visit.


A trip designed for you, in which the experience of a cultural and idiomatic immersion will motivate you to continue traveling and discovering new adventures.


I assure you that after this experience you will return home refreshed, stress-free and with new learnings. An experience of cultural immersion of this magnitude will make you reflect on the way you live and perceive.


After a trip in which you have left your comfort zone and explored a new culture, you will feel different, with another attitude towards life. When you return home, you will not only feel happy, but you will also be counting the days until your next trip!


Discover a new civilization, understand the essence of a country and join to a unique adventure.

This adventure is for you if

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a vast experience working in different areas of tourism as hotels, hostels and mainly as a tour guide.

I have traveled around three continents and many countries.

My experience guarantees that your money and time will be very well invested in resources such as food, lodging, transportation and activities.

It is essential to take out travel insurance. This way you will be covered in case of any setback, illness, flight cancellations or accident.

The price is completely transparent, you will see that it is divide between, what I charge for my working time organizing everything previus the experience and my time I will spend with you accompained in all the trip.

The rest of the expenses are what local businesses.

You will be doing all by yourself, spending your time looking and selecting different choices.

By the other hand if you travel with me you will have the best bet to have a nice adventure.

I will send you this conditions before you contract the trip. Please remind me in case I’ll forget.

I will form a group with at least 6 people and a maximum of 12.

In the case I am not forming the minimum group, I will refund you the 100% of the amount of your reservation except Bank taxes.

When we have the minimum group we can start looking and make reservations, but not before.

Do not worry I will tell you when.

If you are still doubting whether to do one of these trips or not then you can talk to me through the contact form and I will get back to you in less than 48 hours.

Normally Latin America does not ask the europeans for a visa, the only thing you need is a passport with six months of validity, however this will depend of the country, we can check it out the time you will be buying the flight.
This is changing every now and again, so, don’t worry we will check it up before you go forward.