Adventure in the Wonder Country and surroundings

"On the roads of Mexico"

From the 30th June to the 15th July.

I propose a distinct journey, where feeling free is the goal of this experience, where you will let yourself be, being you in every possible situation, flowing and connecting with you, leaving your comfort zone, opening up to you and understanding that you are not alone and that the world continues to show its beauty so that you, together with me and your travel mates, can enjoy it. It will be a trip where we will connect with the local people and get closer to their culture, a trip where the scheduled tours do not fit from 8 to 5.
This a trip to get closer to yourself and de-stress and understand that life is more than just one reality.
We will be a small group of 6 to 10 people that is why it is necessary that you fill out the form so that between the two of us can see if you really want to be part of this trip.
There are many people interested in making this trip, so it’s important to realize that this trip is really for you.

Are you then willing to travel differently? Let’s go!