Adventure in the Wonder Country and surroundings

"Wild landscapes and culture"
from March 29th to April 9th

Brasil is one of the Bio diverse countries in the world, full of contrasts, an impressive geography wherever you go, a flora and fauna that give life and fill its incredible territory.

With an historical legacy that has survived the pass of time and it has maintained as an interesting culture throughout this country.

Our adventure focuses on one of the most popular and beautiful areas of the entire Brazilian Republic. I am talking about the Rio de Janeiro.

With a multidiverse human  occupation for several centuries, this territory has captivated the whole world and attracted the attention of hundreds of people willing to discover its diverse culture and explore its beautiful territory.

For this reason, the adventure that I propose begins in Río de Janeiro, an important spot of the Brazilian culture and the arrival in Brazil for this adventure.
It will be a trip where we will connect with the local people and get closer to their culture, a trip where the scheduled tours do not fit from 8 to 5.


Here we will spend four days learning its culture richness and enjoying its surroundings.

It will also be our first contact with the South Atlantic ocean and the impressive cloud forest, we will profit the nature of this interesting city.

We leave Rio de Janeiro to start exploring the state of Rio and the next destination will be Arraial do Cabo, “Small town” colonized by Portuguese people. Here is where you can appreciate the mix of races and cultures.

Here we will stay a few days enjoying the surroundings and its amazing sea.

We will continue our trip in  one of the most famous places of the state of Rio de Janeiro, “Paraty” This place is located at the south of the state in the border with the state of Sao Paulo.

This area is beautiful mix between virgin cloud forest and a clear sea water, Paraty is a portuguesse, colonial town.

The tribe of guaranies and the black culture share pacific convivence on this special town.

Rio State is an area with an amazing biodiversity and impressive views.

This State was the most important place of Brazil in fact it was the capital of the country many years ago.

To avoid the centralization the Brazilian government created Brasilia as a capital of the country and Rio became in the touristic capital of this country.

Other detail, Río was the most important colony of african people in the colonial time because, the portuguese conquerors brought slavers and in these times the african culture contributed to the diversity of this country.

In general I think Rio is the o agood place to visit in Brazil because it has beautiful mountains and sea, a wonder of the world, a the multiracial culture and the historical side that is really interesating.

I think the best way to enjoy a small trip is going quite and this country is enormous, the most spacial place of this country is this one.

The end of the trip will be full of emotions, a farewell to the wonderful Cloud forest and the beautiful beaches, an experience that will not only change your life but that you will always remember.

I am sure you will enjoy this amazing adventure.

Would you like to be part of it?

Will you lose the chance of living and amazing experience?

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What do my services consist of?

This is what I charge for my work.


Which includes the following:

Of these 695€, you will have to advance 250€, at the time of formalizing your place in the team after the call.

The rest, you will have to pay it 45 days before the start of the trip.

This payment can be made by Transfer WISE or by banktransfer. I’ll give you the data when the time comes.

In this section, I detail the approximate expenses that you will have on the trip.

It is always appropriate to carry a little bit more, for gifts or handcrafts.

Once you reserve your place, I will give you the necessary details, so that you know which card to take or where to change the cash  (do not do it in your country).

Some Things You May Know

pexels-marian-sol-miranda-9571381 (1)

The experiential and human part is the most important thing in my trips, above all else. We are going to coexist with its culture and its people, we will get closer to nature, we will taste new flavors and smells, we will get to know other realities and lifestyles. A sharing with all of us that will leave us with new learning on our paths.

Throughout the trip we will share a room, sometimes we will all be together in a larger room, on other occasions there will be rooms for two deor three people. It’s so much more fun and exciting to have someone you just met by your side when you go to sleep and wake up.

On this trip there are no physical requirements, but it is important to be used to moving, walking and also knowing how to swing while we are going to do many water activities.

At the end of the trip you will realize that you will have won in:

New friendships in line with what you like to do and be.

I will give you my full support and personalized follow-up in which you will feel safer and more confident to launch yourself perhaps on an upcoming adventure.

You may have realized that your reality is not the only one and that there are other ways of living, thinking and feeling.